About Kirsty


I am an intuitive artist living in Glasgow, specialising in hand painted designs and murals for interiors and, in particular, for children. Ever since I was little, I have always loved being creative and, amongst other things, I used to paint designs on my bedroom wall. My creative skills became noticed and I began painting images and artwork for local businesses and families.

Coming from Plockton in the North West Highlands, I moved south to study and qualified with an MA (Hons) in History of Art at Glasgow University. Since then I have worked for 15 years in the wine industry, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to travel and to work with people, building good relationships and developing my teaching skills. Throughout my life I have cultivated my intuitive and spiritual side and I have taken time to qualify in several spiritual disciplines, most recently expanding into doula work, which directly supports my link with children.

Throughout all this time, I have practised graphic design, life drawing, dress-making and painting. Then, when my daughter came along, I got busy painting to decorate her room. This has since led me to channel my skills into creating work for children. My work is strongly routed in colour and the uplifting and healing properties which lie within it. I also feel called to bring through elements of symbolism, relating to animals, geometry and the magical realms.

I create work which inspires, heals, uplifts and adds joy to any room.

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List of Qualifications