Original Artwork

This page presents all of my original paintings, currently for sale. My paintings are all acrylic on canvas, unless otherwise stated. Some works will soon be available as prints.

Please email me if you would like to purchase an original artwork. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Email: kirsty@magicangelfish.com

'Wisdom'©     SOLD £750     (61cm x 50.8cm)
"Unfolding'©  £595  (60cm x 50cm)
'Subconscious'©  £495  (50.5cm x 40.3cm)
'Aurora'©  £595  (60.5cm x 50.5cm)
'Ascend'©  £595  (61cm x 45.7cm)
'Soul Dance'©  £525  (61cm x 30.5cm)
'Gift'©  £525  (61cm x 30.5cm)
'Awaken'©  £525  (61cm x 30.5cm)
'After The Fall'©  £525  (61cm x 30.5cm)
'Intuition'©  £525  (61cm x 30.5cm)
'Dream Catcher'©  £595  (60.5cm x 45.5cm)
'The Return Of Joy'©  SOLD  (40cm x 50cm)
'Wings of Light'©  £375  (30cm x 40cm)
'Happy Place'©  £375  (30cm x 40cm)
'Orb'©  £375  (40cm x 30cm)
'Love Tsunami'©  £333  (61cm x 30.5cm)
'Manifest'©  £777  (60cm x 60cm deep edge canvas)
'Protection'©  £955  (91cm x 60.5cm deep edge canvas)

Small Paintings

'A Walk In The Woods'  £75  (20cm x 20cm)
'Autumn Reflections'  £75   (20cm x 20cm)
'Poppies By The Sea'  £75   (20cm x 20cm)
'The White Stag'   £75   (20cm x 20cm)
'Autumn Full Moon'  £75  (20cm x 20cm)
'Once Upon a Blue Moon'  £125  (30cm x 30cm)