Portraiture has always been close to my heart. I am a ‘people person’ by nature and so perhaps it follows that I am also drawn to paint portraits.

I enjoy capturing a fleeting moment, expression or feeling and I love the timeless element that painting brings to this.

Childrens Portraits

There is no better way to capture the charm, innocence and joy that emanate from a child than in a work of art.

Whether it be a painting or a drawing, a portrait of a child captures a moment in their speedy evolution and makes a beautiful gift or memento. The artworks below are all examples of my recent child portraits.

Please feel free to contact me for a free quote including framing options.

'Baby Sorley'
'Happy Place'

Wedding Portraits

I began painting these pictures as wedding presents for my friends. I wanted to give them something unique, personal and long lasting.

Why not do something different and commission a special gift from your heart?

The image can come from an existing photograph or one which has been taken on the day of the wedding. Using one of the couple’s chosen professional photographs means you can be sure they like the image, but it can make the painting truly individual if the picture is one which has been taken by you during their day, capturing a beautiful and fleeting moment.

It may take slightly longer for their wedding gift to reach them but sometimes waiting a little longer is the key to receiving something extra special ...

Please feel free to contact me for a free quote including framing options.

Greg and Julia, acrylic on canvas
Jo and Timmy, acrylic on canvas
Charlotte and Neil, acrylic on canvas
Steve and Claire, acrylic on canvas